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Wright AMP Bumper Plates

Wright AMP Bumper Plates

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All plates are a true 450 mm diameter with a 2" stainless steel center insert shaped to the bumper to properly distribute the force of the bar when dropped. Weighing within +/- 0.5LB of the stated weight. Each batch of 25LB - 55LB wright bumper plates are tested to exceed 20,000 drops from 6 feet. 10LB and 15LB are tested to 7,000 drops.


Key Features:
• Extremely durable
• Smooth finish
• Low bounce
• ACFT approved
• Sold in pairs
• Low to no odor
• Use them outdoors
• Stainless steel fitted insert
• Great warranty
• Made in the USA


Quantity: 2 (sold in pairs)
Use: Olympic/Power/Functional Fitness/Multipurpose
Material: Recycled Rubber
Insert: Fitted Stainless Steel
Insert ID: 50mm (1.9685 inches)
OD: 450mm (17.7165 inches)
Weight Tolerance: 2% +/-
Performance; Minimal Bounce
Durometer: 75-80
Color: Black/Color
Guarantee/ Warranty: 1-year warranty on the 25, 35, 45, 55, and 100LB; 180 day on the 5, 10, and 15LB plates
Made in the USA: Yes


Bumper Plate Thickness:
55LB Plate Width: 3.6"
45LB Plate Width: 3.00"
35LB Plate Width: 2.50"
25LB Plate Width: 1.75"
15LB Plate Width: 1.50"
10LB Plate Width: 1.25"
5LB Plate Width: 1.75" with the OD of 10"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Roy N
The Wright Choice

Excellent bumpers! Bought the NexGen bar to go along with them and couldnt be happier....well maybe....have been a huge fan of Wrights plates and bars for years

Cody W
Fast delivery

Great quality for bumper plates. Very fast delivery.

Jody H
Plates are great

I have been beating the heck outta these plates, and they haven't shown any wear, yet. They are amazing. I can't believe the price is so good on these. I'll definitely be getting more plates from Wright.

Charlie R
Super quality. Great Price

I previously owned pre-AMP Wright crumb bumpers that were good quality. I gave them to a friend during the covid shutdowns and recently replaced them with the newer AMP style bumpers. Thinner, denser, nicer feel than the old plates. Accurate and durable. USA made is a priority for me. Will continue to buy these as opposed to other options.

Ben R
Awesome crumb plates

These plates are awesome perfect for my home gym setup will definitely be buying more off them in the future

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