Guardian Caps

"We’re trying to take head contact out entirely in some fashions. The Guardian Cap has been a very important change for us as it’s shown to reduce impact. It has been very effective and reduced concussions by 52%."

Roger Goodell
Commisssioner of the NFL

"We actually started using the Guardian Caps several years ago on a couple of specific position groups on a trial basis.  While we realize there is no piece of equipment that will prevent all concussions we pride ourselves on injury prevention and anything that may help us keep our student-athletes a little safer on the field is welcome.  It was an adjustment for some of the players initially, but eventually the caps just became part of their daily equipment.  We have expanded their use to multiple position groups now and of course to anyone who specifically requests a cap.  Common sense that adding this extra, non-invasive layer to the helmet lessens the amount of force generated during head-to-head or head-to-ground contact.  While there is no way to know how many concussions we have prevented, we definitely believe in the product and will continue to use it on our players."

David Gable, MS, ATC, LAT
Associate Athletics Director Sports Medicine at TCU

"Exceeded our expectations.” (When commenting on Guardian Caps and how the NFL preseason saw a more than 50% reduction in concussions versus the previous three-year average)"

Jeff Miller
NFL Executive Vice President of Health and Safety Initiatives

"Practice has been wonderful. It has been healthy, it’sbeen safe,it’sbeen sound, all thanks to Guardian Caps."

Deion Sanders
NFL Hall of Famer

"I don’t think people realize how much you practice. For every game, there are at least 20 practices. Most guys experience trouble during practice. It’s a beautiful thing to see Guardian Caps come about."

Champ Bailey
Former UGA & All-Pro NFL Football Player

"It’s substantial. It’s really important and led to a very low number of preseason concussions compared to previous years.  So, you’ll be seeing a lot of the Guardian Cap this coming year. And we think that’s going to advance player safety substantially — not just against concussions, because we know that’s one metric. but against the repetitive head impacts that players take. Each one, in this case, with the Guardian Cap worn, is going to decrease the risk. That’s really important for the long-term benefit of the player and something the committee took very seriously."

Jeff Miller
NFL Executive Vice President of Health and Safety Initiatives

"The Guardian Cap provided that extra layer of protection you needed during practice. The last thing you want is to lose players on the offensive and defensive lines to head injuries during practice or training camp. The Cap helped reduce some of those injuries and was useful to our team last season."

David Edwards
NFL Los Angeles Rams OL

"We currently have some clubs using them,” “(Through testing) we’ve found some beneficial aspects with some of the hits, a reduction in force. At the high school level, it can be an important component, but it’s got to be one component of the overall strategy of reducing contact. You want to think about how you practice, how contact is modified, technique. You have to make sure (the thought is not) ‘I’ve got this thing protecting my head, I can go use it as a battering ram’. You have to talk about how to not use the head. It’s a chain with many links."

Dr. Allen Sills
NFL Chief Medical Officer

"We train to reduce injuries, we practice smarter to reduce injuries, and we use the best technology available to us to reduce injuries. At Bergen Catholic we want to put our players in the best uniforms, the best equipment, and take every measure to limit the risks of the game. We definitely believe the Guardian Cap is one of these technological improvements."

Nunzio Campanile
Head Football Coach, Bergen Catholic High School, New Jersey

"We believe in wearing Guardian Caps to further protect our players. We treat the caps like it’s part of their everyday equipment and it’s mandatory to wear."

Coach Matt Logan
Centennial High School, California

"People don’t really appreciate what an O-lineman and a D-lineman goes through. They’re facing impact – not only in a game, and they’re getting 80 plays in a game – but then you see how they practice. The impact on those kids…there’s impact on every snap of every play."

Matt Campbell
Head Football Coach, Iowa State University, Iowa

"I wanted to let you know that we had 0 concussions after our 1st order of 20. We placed 8 on the kids that had previously received a concussion and put the remaining 12 on our hardest hitters (to protect others). We will all be wearing them from now on!"

Andy Lowry
Head Football Coach, Columbine High School, Colorado 2012 AFCA Power of Influence Award Recipient

"If we’re talking about putting more padding around a kid’s head on a football field, I’m all for that. I mean, it makes sense right? I have my own son in one."

Matt Putnam
Head Football Coach, Hazel Green High School, Alabama

The Difference USA


"Not only has The Difference given us a tool to rep hand striking and propper muscle memory, but it has significantly decreased our upper body injuries.  Being able to steal techinque reps in the weight room has also given our players the abililty to protect their heads and necks on the football field.  The athletes love them. So do the coaches."

Greg Hadley  
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Endicott College


"The Difference Striking Machine is THE bridge between the weightroom and line of scrimmage in football. It's a way to year-round teach the most important skill in line play: the punch.  Our Difference Striking Machines routine is just as imortant to our offseason as the squat, clean and bench.  I have been coaching the offensive line for 40 years and have never found anything that comes close to the training provided by the Difference Striking Machine."

Chris Yeager
Head Football Coach
Mountain Brook High School, AL


"The Difference Maker is the best tool you will find to teach efficent hand striking for the game of football.  Our coaches and kids love it and the feeback is immediate. We will be better, more phisical football team because of it."

Brad Baca
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach


"The Difference is the only training machines that allows me to work on fast and explosive hand striking."

James Laurinaitis
NFL Linebacker


"Vokkero made the complex decision of what headset company to buy from easy by offering the latest technology and great features like the ability for multiple coaches to be able to switch channels during a game and easy programing. Our sales rep, Dave, Naple, came out to our school twice, once to demo their product and then again to help us setup and test our system once it arrived. Buying through Vokkero has been a quick and easy process."

Ron Rutt
Head Football Coach At Bay High School, Ohio

"The Vokkero headsets have made our lives much easier in terms of practice and game day organization. The charging dock allows our staff to grab their personalized headset on the way out to the field each day, and we are able to easily adjust and program each individual device. The headsets require no set-up or testing, and we know they will be ready to go every time we take the field."

Jack Hatem
Head Football Coach At Denison University

"We are very excited to use our new Vokkero Headsets. They came out and tested the headsets with us in the middle of February, they came back and programmed the headsets, and then gave a tutorial on how to use them. Without a base station, setup and take down will be simple, making for a better Friday night!"

Jeff Gough
Head Football Coach At Hudson High School, Ohio

"My football crew used the official-to-official communication system last season. The Vokkero support team made set up easy, and the system greatly improved my crew’s communication and efficiency during the game."

College Football Official: AAC Conference



"As an avid weightlifter and strength coach, I have had the privilege to use a lot of great equipment over my 34+ years of working out and coaching. Being a former powerlifter, I love moving heavy weights fast! I have never seen a product or weight perform and produce great results as I've seen with the Xploder. As coaches, we all want to get our athletes as strong as possible without jeopardizing their speed and quickness. The Xploder does just that and more. I've been using the Xploder in our off-season workouts since January '21. Considering the triple extension in full effect to develop explosiveness from the ground up, the Xploder is superior to any product I've ever seen! (I even bought one for myself). Regardless of sport or gender, every athlete has seen a vast increase in all of their significant lifts. During our summer conditioning camp, which included many new athletes lifting weights, the Xploder has been the most popular exercise. I would like to personally thank Tommy Tully (Inventor Xploder) for his time and as a game-changer in the Xploder!"

Darren Pangle
MS Applied Exercise Science / Strength & Conditioning


"The best training equipment I’ve ever used. My power clean went up 60 pounds just after 6 weeks of training."

Max W
Memorial HS Houston, TX


"As a defensive lineman it’s important I get strong. The Xploder has helped me blow away my bench press and power clean max by more than 70 & 50lbs."

Will K
Memorial HS Houston, TX


"Team Nation is awesome. My entire team studies for hours a day. They correct me at practice. My players have learned more in the first 6 practices than in the last 2 seasons combined."

Coach Meyers
Orem Youth Football, UT

"Team Nation is a game changer for us. We can install plays quickly and gain immediate feedback. It dramatically improves our ability to coach."

Coach Karstens
Monument Academy, Colorado

"We're in mid-season form with our playbook installs and it's our first game. Team Nation played a big part in that! You've got a great product and we couldn't be happier."

Coach Odermann
Trinity HS, North Dakota

"I'm always looking for ways to effectively teach the playbook, improve retention, and elevate players' football IQ. Team Nation has a customizable, high tech, football specific tool that brings world-class methods to playbook education."

Kalani Sitake
BYU Head Coach

"I’ve had this for 1 day and I’ve created 106 formations. Building plays is really quick using the pre-made plays. Give me a month and I’ll have my library looking like something you’ll be impressed by!"

Josh Franke
Head Coach Toronto City Schools

"I am loving Team Nation! I have our offensive coaching staff completely sold on it. This is a game-changer for our program and going to give us a real competitive advantage."

Dan Dabrowski
Head Coach Lake Orion High School