Triple extension lifts are the key to more powerful movements and the Xploder Bar was designed for athletes allowing these exercises to be performed in a safe and effective environment.

Xploder Bar lifts are a great way to condition core muscle groups and ligaments that create speed, strength and xplosion.


What they are saying


"As an avid weightlifter and strength coach, I have had the privilege to use a lot of great equipment over my 34+ years of working out and coaching. Being a former powerlifter, I love moving heavy weights fast! I have never seen a product or weight perform and produce great results as I've seen with the Xploder. As coaches, we all want to get our athletes as strong as possible without jeopardizing their speed and quickness. The Xploder does just that and more. I've been using the Xploder in our off-season workouts since January '21. Considering the triple extension in full effect to develop explosiveness from the ground up, the Xploder is superior to any product I've ever seen! (I even bought one for myself). Regardless of sport or gender, every athlete has seen a vast increase in all of their significant lifts. During our summer conditioning camp, which included many new athletes lifting weights, the Xploder has been the most popular exercise. I would like to personally thank Tommy Tully (Inventor Xploder) for his time and as a game-changer in the Xploder!"

Darren Pangle
MS Applied Exercise Science / Strength & Conditioning


"We tested last week. Thought you'd be interested. I attribute a portion of the success in our testing squats, cleans and bench to the Xploder Bar."

Coach Danny Bailey PhD, NBCT
Football / Strength Coach, Loris High School


"The best training equipment I’ve ever used. My power clean went up 60 pounds just after 6 weeks of training."

Max W
Memorial HS Houston, TX


"As a defensive lineman it’s important I get strong. The Xploder has helped me blow away my bench press and power clean max by more than 70 & 50lbs."

Will K
Memorial HS Houston, TX