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Iron Neck

Iron Neck 3.0 Pro

Iron Neck 3.0 Pro

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Meet the only neck training system with 4-in-1 benefits for recovery, prevention, posture, and mobility. The Iron Neck 3.0 Pro features a dynamic tension braking system with haptic feedback, unmatched in applying resistance to head rotation. Get the neck pain relief and mobility you need to live your life uninhibited. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just battling the daily grind, Iron Neck 3.0 Pro is an essential tool for fixing poor posture and preventing neck and back injuries over time. Feel confident in your investment with our 30 day guarantee. Real results or your money back. That’s how we roll.


PRO Feature:

By adjusting the Variable Friction Dial™, patients, athletes, and professionals can modify training difficulties based on performance goals. For rehab protocols, the slider should be set to friction free and rotate around the ring smoothly. This translates to smooth and easy movement patterns that aid in recovery and mobility improvements. For athletes looking to reduce injury risk and build neck strength, add rotational resistance to the slider and incorporate concentric training to your workout.


What's Included:

  • Iron Neck 3.0 Pro
  • 25 lb. Resistance Band
  • 3X Front Pads
  • Door Belt
  • Door Anchor
  • Cinch Anchor
  • Skull Cap
  • Getting Started Guide
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Travis S.
Next level

The rotational resistance dial is a nice addition for the advanced neck training users. This really took my training to the next level!

James C
Awesome product for training your neck

If you are looking at elevating the way you train your neck and build up your neck strength, this has been by far my best experience with a product. Easy to use, tons of training exercises, and results almost immediately. Im gonna keep using this forever

Love the training lab

Training lab made me give this a 5 star

Austin E.
Weight room

Highly recommend hooking these up to your racks in the weight room and letting all sports access these

Blake S
Great for bigger players

ive noticed this is better for our bigger players and noticed our young guys dont need that extra resistance

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