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Wright Equipment

Econ Safety Squat Bar

Econ Safety Squat Bar

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The Wright Econ Safety Squat Bar has been designed to prevent excessive hip flexion and knee stresses when performing squatting movements.

In addition, it provides those athletes with limited chest and shoulder mobility a comfortable alternative to a regular back squat.

COMFORTABLE ALTERNATIVE TO THE REGULAR BACK SQUAT: The safety squat bar finally enables you to perform squats without having to grab the bar. Just let go of the bar and it will stay perfectly positioned on your shoulders with the load spread comfortably over the 3 pads.

HANDLES UP TO 1000 LBS: This Olympic squat bar is constructed from 30mm solid high-tensile steel which means it can handle any weight up to 1000 lbs. It’s a must-have accessory equipment for every commercial or home gym.

SAVE YOUR SHOULDERS & MAXIMIZE RECOVERY: Whether you don’t have the shoulder and chest mobility just yet to perform a standard back squat or you simply want to take some stress off your shoulder joints, this safety squat bar is for you.

NOT JUST FOR BACK SQUATS: The safety bar squat is an extremely versatile fitness equipment that, in addition to back squats, can also be used for Front Squats, Walking Lunges, Zercher Squats, Good Mornings & Box Squats.

NO MORE HIP, KNEE OR LOWER BACK STRAINS: Contrary to the regular back squat, the safety bar squat forces you to train with an upright torso position which automatically locks your knee and hip joints in place and removes all the stress from the lower back. Pain-free squats are now a possibility for every athlete.


    • Brand: Wright Equipment
    • Bar Type: Men or Women
    • Bar Use: Multipurpose
    • Bar Weight: 50lb 
    • Diameter: 30mm 
    • Center Knurl: No
    • Knurl Marks: Dual 
    • Shaft Coating: Black Zinc  
    • Loadable Sleeve Length: 11 3/4" 
    • Sleeve Coating: Black Zinc
    • Bushing Design: Steel Busing 
    • Assembly: Snap Ring 
    • 1,000 pound rating
    • Guarantee/Warranty: 1 Year
    • Made in the USA: No
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